Yo, let’s break it down with the legal definition of incident,
It’s a term we need to know, so we can’t be no ignorant.
An occurrence that’s not so pleasant,
But understanding it’s meaning is a real life lesson.

Doctor, doctor, give me the news,
Tell me about the independent contractor agreement, it’s what I have to use.
A legal document, between two parties,
Gotta sign on the dotted line, no need to feel sorry.

Are you an entrepreneur, a business whiz?
Then sole proprietorship is what you need, it’s the legal biz.
One person owns it all, no need for a crowd,
But all the responsibilities, they’re shouting out loud.

Stamp duty here, stamp duty there,
What’s the deal with joint development agreement stamp duty in Karnataka – do we dare?
It’s about property, not just any old thing,
Better learn about it, before the cash register goes cha-ching.

What’s done is done, that’s a simple fact,
But legally speaking, here’s the after the fact legal term, no time to overact.
It’s about something that has already come to pass,
Understanding the consequences, now that’s class.

When it comes to contracts, the font matters too,
So what font should a contract be in, let me give you a clue.
It’s all about readability, not just Arial or Times New Roman,
Choose wisely, or your eyes will be moanin’.

Just out of school, looking for a career,
The law clerk program at Humber, let me make it real clear.
It’s where you can learn, about the legal game,
And set your path for success, it’s not all the same.

In business, you can’t do it alone,
So partnership business is where the seeds are sown.
Two or more people, working hand in hand,
Building a business empire, all across the land.

Local produce, craft beer, what a delight,
At the old town farmer’s market at Legal Remedy Brewing,
It’s a place to be, with goods that are fresher than fresh,
So forget all the rest, and come join the best.

Butterfly knife, oh so cool,
But is it legal in Australia, let’s check out the rule.
You don’t wanna be caught, with a flick of the wrist,
So make sure you’re legal, and not on the prosecutor’s list.